Vocaboom  aims at enabling the children to say what they really mean and discover the joys of being able to express oneself in different ways in English. Vocaboom lets you hunt in a maze,and the reward is something that is worth a lifetime.-Mastering a Language!!

Your future can depend on how rich your vocabulary is let building your vocabulary be a lifelong proposition. Remember,  "In the beginning was the word." Until you have a word for something, it does not exist for you. Name it, and you have made your reality riche.

Vocaboom encourages the child to get in to the habit of looking up words he doesn’t know,in the process the child’s confidence is developed to “play with words” or “get excited about words”.

Programme Benefits

  • Shy, introverted children soon gain confidence.
  • Children learn to express themselves more fluently in English.
  • Vivacious extroverts learn the importance of being able to focus their energy and enthusiasm.


Don't let go of this opportunity to help your child realize his full potential.

Kids loves Drama,

Parents Love the Results !