Mathematics is an exciting and challenging subject which continues to develop at a rapid rate across many research areas. It has a natural elegance and beauty. Taking a real world problem and creating and applying mathematical models to aid understanding is often hugely satisfying and rewarding.

All said and done,we often find ourselves in fix when we have to teach our children to overcome the fear of maths.

imath aims at breaking free of this fear we belive in 5 fundamental steps that go a long way in transforming a child.

1. Why Math??Acknowldege The fear.

It is very important to help the child realize his fears out in the open, that is the beginning to learning. The child needs to know that Fear is “Fine” or “Accepted “.

2. Make math a part of every day and make it simple:

imath aims at making math essential and a relatable part of everyday life.The concepts are taught in such a manner that the child is able to relate to or look back and reflect.

3. Celebrate and learn from mistakes:

Instead of saying that an answer is wrong, ask the child how they got that answer. If it is a mistake, we teach your child to celebrate it. Mistakes are not bad; they are part of the learning process.

4. Practice and patience:

Like any other art,maths is an art that needs a lot of practice and patience!

5. One size doesn’t fit all

Much of the math curriculum taught in schools today is actually language-based, which is completely restricted in unleashing your creative side. We often find the problem among children is the ability to express their understanding verbally, imath focuses on overcoming this hurdle.

Programme Benefits

  • Shy, introverted children soon gain confidence.
  • Children learn to express themselves more fluently in English.
  • Vivacious extroverts learn the importance of being able to focus their energy and enthusiasm.


Don't let go of this opportunity to help your child realize his full potential.

Kids loves Drama,

Parents Love the Results !