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 The complete training for your kid.

 Children learn best not when taught but when an environment conducive to learning is created"

This is the ideology upon which Appletree International functions.

Appletree International started its operations in Coimbatore in 2007 headed by Ms. Vidya Raman, M.A. Lit., MBA. The first product offering by Appletree International is the world renowned and unique speech and drama programme - "Helen O' Grady" (U.k).

From its inception, Appletree International has trained more than 3000 children in schools and more than 500 children through their hobby studio.

After its resounding success in Coimbatore Appletree International moved one step further and is now the Master Franchise for Karnataka for the Helen O' Grady Programme.

In its vision to offer educative & fun filled programmes focussed on children, Appletree International proudly introduces VOCABOOM, a vocabulary enrichment programme for Children and iMaths a program that trains children with sound mathematical concepts and its applications at Coimbatore

From the Director's Desk

I live by the thought “Children learn best when an atmospehere conducive is given to them”

The best way to prepare children for life is to give them what they need as children.They are whole people who have feelings, ideas and relationships with others, their learning is effective when given the appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices,and respected as autonomous learners. What children can do (rather that what they cannot do) is the starting point of a child’s education.Imagination, creativity and all kinds of symbolic behavior such as reading, writing, drawing, dancing, music, mathematical numbers, algebra, role play and talking develop and emerge when conditions are favourable.Quality education is about three things: the child, the context in which learning takes place, and the knowledge and understanding which the child develops and learns.here at ATI we understand this well .and hence have created a world that is conducive for the development of a children.

You might have noticed I am emphasizing on the word ‘conducive’ because that is the most important aspect and not easily available!